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Adolescent Bullying Issues | Paradigm Malibu

How Parents Can Help With Adolescent Bullying Issues

Bullying is an experience that many teens around the country endure. Sadly, teens participate in adolescent bullying sometimes without really knowing they are causing harm. Social media, texting, and other forms of non-face-to-face contact make it easy for teens to be harmful to each other. As a result, those who experience adolescent bullying issues can…

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How to Use Reflective Listening with Your Teen

There can be an odd parent-child relationship that develops when children become teenagers. For most part, you may have had a healthy and happy relationship with your child – up until now. Now that your child is in adolescence, perhaps they don’t talk to you as often. Perhaps they are a bit more edgy, standoffish,…

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How to Change Negative Self Talk

  Okay, from time to time you might hear yourself talking in your mind. For the most part, you might be simply talking out the things you need to get done or a reminder like, “Oh yeah, I need to ask my dad about the car on Friday night.” This kind of self-talk is natural…

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How to Help Your Teen See Academics as a Priority

Most parents are proud of the fact that their child is doing well in school. However, when a teen ignores academic responsibilities or makes other facets of life a priority, parents might feel frustrated and even angered by this. Some teens simply don’t care about school. They might find their friends, social engagements, creativity, or…

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Exercise Can Reduce Suicidal Thoughts in Bullied Teens

  It might sound obvious that those teens who are bullied in school tend to experience symptoms of mental illness. However, what may surprise you is that the bully also tends to have symptoms of psychological illness. In fact, research on bullying among adolescents show that both victims and their bullies experience emotional and/or psychological…

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Bullies and Bullied Teens Are at Risk for Depression

In general, research has found that teens who bully as well as teens who are bullied are at risk for mental illness. Although the types of mental illness might vary depending upon whether a teen was consistently bullied or whether he or she was the one doing the bullying, both can have psychological effects.  …

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Emotional Health and Anger Management for Male Adolescents

  Teens can exhibit a variety of intense emotions during adolescence. In fact, this stage of life is characterized by being more emotional versus rational, more impulsive versus cautious. However, it seems that males have a tendency of exhibiting their emotions more than female teens. For instance, male and female adolescents can express anger differently…

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What To Do When Your Teen is a Bully or Being Bullied | Paradigm Malibu

What To Do When Your Teen is a Bully or Being Bullied

Research shows that bullying – for both the bully and the victim – can lead to psychological distress and even psychological illness. A recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association – Psychiatry indicated that victims of bullying are at increased risk for emotional disorders in adulthood, and that bullies as well…

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The Role of Teen Bullying in the Quest for Self-Discovery

In a recent article published by CNN, hundreds of teens commented on the biggest issues they face in adolescence. Of the many comments that are there, many teens expressed that the most pressing challenge they face is the social one. They have trouble fitting in and they feel the pressures of trying to be like…

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