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Support for Teens with Diabetes

At Paradigm Malibu, we believe in a holistic approach to teen treatment, for both mental health and substance abuse disorders.  To this end, we design treatment plans that not only serve to support teens to gain relief from symptoms, but also to heal and rebuild in all areas of their lives.  This is one reason why all teens go through such a thorough diagnostic process before even arriving at Paradigm Malibu, so that we can take into careful consideration their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and goals.

In an effort to be able to support and provide treatment to all teens that want to come to Paradigm Malibu, regardless of their particular physical needs or symptoms, we have a special support team in place for teens with diabetes.  We take caring for all of our Paradigm teens very seriously, and in order to meet the specific needs of teens that have diabetes, we have a nurse practitioner in residence that works with these teens and oversees their physical health and progress.  Our nurse practitioner is highly qualified to both help monitor teens’ levels and stability, as well as to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, while teens are with us at Paradigm.

While we understand the concerns and risks that can be associated with teens with diabetes, we view it as just one aspect of the teens’ overall health and well-being.  Along these lines, just as we want to support teens to face and address their emotional and mental challenges and become empowered to recover in these areas, we want to support teens to learn to be active in their own physical health and nutrition, as well.  This is why we offer things such as nutritional counseling, physical training, and athletic coaching, in addition to our programs that are more focused toward the foundational therapeutic work.  With our qualified team of mental health and medical professionals, we’re confident we can work with all teens, including teen with diabetes, toward gaining mental, physical, and emotional recovery and health, through their time with us at Paradigm Malibu.

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