A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Teen Spiritual Health | Teen Drug Rehab | Paradigm Malibu


At Paradigm Malibu, all members of our staff and treatment teams are respectful of all different belief systems and religious practices.  To this end, none of our therapeutic practices or sessions ever includes something that may be disruptive to, or distracting from, a teen’s spiritual practices.  Our approach to encouraging and supporting Spiritual Health is intrinsic to our support of teens in all aspects and areas of their lives, in order to help lead them toward recovery, health, and growth as young people.


To this end of supporting and encouraging the overall well-being in adolescents, we pride ourselves on approaching and providing adolescent treatment by treating the whole person.  From our perspective, “holistic” is not simply a marketing word used to make our work sound well-rounded and cutting edge, but rather, it embodies a commitment to considering teens and their struggles from every possible angle, on an individual-by-individual basis, and with no pre-set agendas or pre-made treatment plans.  Along these lines, we see mental, physical, and spiritual health as wholly integrated and indivisible from one another, and as such, we seek to address and support all of these aspects in teens’ lives.  We believe that this thorough consideration and therapeutic outlook is what assures the most powerful and lasting adolescent treatment possible.  Though we understand that to do this kind of therapeutic work takes significantly more time, patience, resources, and energy than simply using a generic “treatment plan,” designed to treat symptoms, we’re simply not interested in providing treatment any other way.  This is one of the fundamental reasons why we will always remain dedicated to having a small treatment house, with a very high staff-to-client ratio, so that our therapists and teams can provide this quality of work.


What we see as “spiritual health” varies widely according to the teen.  We see our role in Spiritual Health then to support, however possible, the practices the teens are already engaged in, which will contribute to their overall health, confidence, and sense of well-being.  Please understand that in no way do we ever suggest or implement any religious or spiritual practices or beliefs as a part of treatment.  However, for some teens, a specific religious belief or practice plays a central role in their lives; for others, a less specific spiritual belief system may be in place.  Therefore, if a teen wants to incorporate or attend a certain service or practice as part of their treatment time, we will aim to accommodate that, however possible.


In instances where there are teens of different backgrounds, belief systems, and religions, we often find that this common ground at Paradigm can actually be a wonderful setting for teens to recognize and respect practices that are different from their own.  In a sense, the therapeutic home setting and group sessions that occur here require teens to be kind, understanding, and non-judgmental to others, in order to ensure that for themselves.  Because all teens here are struggling with something, so many of the pressures and judgments that teens have to deal with in their daily lives at home or in school dissipate here and instead, the teens are able to accept and care about others who might be very different than themselves.  This, of course, is one way which teens help each other to heal and feel empowered to recover. It is also a way that they’re re-introduced to and engaged in healthy peer relationships, which they’ve often been missing.  This community aspect at Paradigm Malibu, including the ways in which spiritual practices of all people are accepted, is a staple of our treatment setting in which we heavily invest and in which we take great pride.