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September is National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month | Paradigm Malibu

Just as medical advances have improved life expectancy and quality for those with diabetes, heart disease, and other disorders, mental health care has improved the lives of people with substance addictions. People recovering from these diseases have made great strides to overcome their difficulties, and National Recovery Month, observed every September, is a time set aside to honor and respect those efforts.


This Year’s Theme


In 2017, the theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities. The theme is meant to shine a light on the value that supportive families and communities can make on the lives of those going through the recovery process. Paradigm is taking the initiative of strengthening communities by providing community workshops in schools. If you want to get involved, or attend a workshop, please contact us at 855-780-TEEN or info@paradigmmalibu.com.


How You Can Help


This September, encourage others to support those who are recovering from an addiction. Here are some actionable ways people can help:


  • Create an environment that will encourage someone in recovery. If you know that a friend or relative is recovering from an alcohol addiction, for example, be sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available at your next gathering. You could also choose to make it alcohol-free.
  • Refrain from judging those in recovery. Addiction is more than a behavioral issue; it’s a mental health condition. Many people treat those with addictions with judgment and disdain. This creates a stigma that can permeate communities.
  • Support a recovering addict by helping them find a support group. Those who have support might be more likely to prevent a relapse. Individual therapy is also an important component of the recovery process. Offer a ride if the person does not have one.
  • Encourage family members of those dealing with addictions to seek counseling and support. These programs can educate family members and empower them to support their loved ones in making good decisions.


National Recovery Month is a great time for communities and families to come together to support those who are overcoming addictions. Spread the word about the importance of this effort and encourage others to educate themselves on how they can provide much-needed support to important people in their lives.

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