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Paradigm Recognized by SAMHSA With National Award



Paradigm Malibu was recognized by the premiere United States organization SAMHSA for their outstanding work and commitment to providing mental health and substance use education and awareness to the community in 2016.  The national organization, which awards in excess of $3.7 billion dollars in funding annually for grants to help further substance use and mental health research and practice, recognized Paradigm Malibu for their dedication to the National Recovery Month initiative.


In her presentation of Paradigm’s award, Dr. Kimberly Johnson, director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment division of SAMHSA, noted that “The award committee was particularly impressed with the excellence of your program. Take pride in and feel proud of this accomplishment as this reflects your considerable contributions to expand the breadth and reach of National Recovery Month.”


Paradigm held events for educators, clinicians, parents and adolescents to help promote awareness, education and collaboration within the mental health and substance abuse treatment and academic communities, providing daily lectures and discussions each day of October, the month dedicated to recovery from mental health and substance use disorders.


Paradigm is exceptionally proud of our national recognition and our programs in Malibu and San Francisco share the same vision for recovery that is set forth by SAMHSA and highlighted by Dr. Johnson’s appreciation for Paradigm’s leadership in the recovery-community.  “Thank you for your dedication to the recovery community and your efforts to promote the messages that behavioral health is essential to overall health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can and do recover.”

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