A-Z Teen Health Glossary

I am 18 years old. I am from Omaha, Nebraska. What brought me here was I was addicted to pills like Klonopin, Oxys and Xanax. I just wanted drugs. I needed drugs.

I wasn’t doing them to have fun anymore. I was doing them because I needed them. I’d roll over every morning when I was in bed to grab the drugs so I could feel fine. When I first got here, that’s all my body could depend on because I never realized I had a problem.

Once I got here and started sobering up and looking at myself, I was skin and bones. You could see every bone in my body, and it was disgusting. I couldn’t remember anything for four or five months of my life. That scared me and knowing that I should’ve died so many times. But thank God I had someone watching over me, because I did not die.

Realizing all of that, that’s what makes me want to be sober today, because I don’t want my parents to have to bury me. I’m 18 years old. They shouldn’t have to bury their 18-year-old daughter. That’s the last thing they would ever want to do.

The group that meant the most to me I think was the music group, because you got to express how you felt through music. You got to write about what you were feeling, your problems, anything, and just sing about it or just play an instrument about it. It was one of the best groups ever because you get to express yourself in so many different ways.

Now that I’m six months clean, life is actually way better. I have a really great relationship with my family, mom especially, because me and her were best friends. Then, once I got my drug usage, there was nothing left there. Now we can talk. We talk on a daily basis, and we get along and we have fun. We can laugh together.

Being six months clean, also I can have fun without using drugs. I can go out and do the things I want to do, like just stay away from people that
were trouble for me. Being six months clean, I realize, wow, life is actually way much better without the drugs, because I can do so much more and go so much further in life than where I was heading.

The future for me now it looks way better. I actually got in school. When I was back at home, I wasn’t doing anything for college. Now I’m in college. I got my apartment set up. I met my roommates. I’m actually going to school and doing something with my life instead of lying in bed or calling that next drug dealer, going to pick up, taking the next pill, and being 100 pounds and doing nothing except for getting mad at everyone for even breathing.

My future today is going so much further. I have a family that cares about me and I can talk to. I have a school that I’m looking forward to going to. I just am so excited for what the future holds for me.