A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Before I got to Paradigm Malibu life was, to be honest, a living hell. My family was constantly in crisis mode. Like a week before I came here I was in my fourth hospitalization at UCLA. Things weren’t going well. My parents were looking for a place for me, a residential unit for me to find some healing because we were in a really desperate situation. And when my parents took a tour of the place they came back to the hospital and told me, “Alex we felt there… just two words hope and healing,” and so I came here.

I made a lot of friends. I discovered a lot of coping skills that I’ve actually put into use with my hallucinations and it’s just generally been an overall good experience by far the best decision I’ve made in treatment. I think it’s definitely given our family hope for the future. My mom… we did family session today and she said, “If you had come to me six weeks ago and said your son’s going to be all right,” she would not have believed you but now my entire family has high hopes for my future and our future as a family unit.