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Outreach Locations

At Paradigm Malibu we provide treatment services to adolescents from throughout the United States and abroad. Young people come to us for treatment for issues ranging from depression to anxiety, trauma, PTSD,  grief, substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health and behavioral health issues.

In addition Paradigm is committed to providing mental health and addiction education outreach to as many locations as possible. Below are some of those outreach locations.


Outreach States

  1. New York Teen Treatment
  2. Oregon Teen Treatment
  3. Texas Teen Treatment
  4. Washington Teen Treatment
  5. Connecticut Teen Treatment
  6. Maryland Teen Treatment
  7. Massachusetts Teen Treatment
  8. Virginia Teen Treatment
  9. New Hampshire Teen Treatment
  10. New Jersey Teen Treatment
  11. Arizona Teen Treatment
  12. California Teen Treatment
  13. Colorado Teen Treatment
  14. Nevada Teen Treatment
  15. Delaware Teen Treatment
  16. Florida Teen Treatment
  17. Hawaii Teen Treatment
  18. Pennsylvania Teen Treatment
  19. Alabama Teen Treatment
  20. Alaska Teen Treatment
  21. Illinois Teen Treatment
  22. Indiana Teen Treatment
  23. Minnesota Teen Treatment
  24. Iowa Teen Treatment
  25. Kentucky Teen Treatment
  26. Michigan Teen Treatment
  27. Idaho Teen Treatment
  28. Mississippi Teen Treatment
  29. Kansas Teen Treatment
  30. Louisiana Teen Treatment
  31. Arkansas Teen Treatment
  32. Maine Teen Treatment
  33. Missouri Teen Treatment
  34. Georgia Teen Treatment
  35. Montana Teen Treatment
  36. Nebraska Teen Treatment
  37. North Carolina Teen Treatment
  38. North Dakota Teen Treatment
  39. Ohio Teen Treatment
  40. Oklahoma Teen Treatment
  41. Rhode Island Teen Treatment
  42. South Carolina Teen Treatment
  43. Tennessee Teen Treatment
  44. South Dakota Teen Treatment
  45. Utah Teen Treatment
  46. Vermont Teen Treatment
  47. West Virginia Teen Treatment
  48. Wisconsin Teen Treatment
  49. Wyoming Teen Treatment
  50. New Mexico Teen Treatment

Outreach Cities

  1. Philadelphia Teen Treatment
  2. Seattle Teen Treatment
  3. Santa Barbara Teen Treatment
  4. Midland Teen Treatment
  5. San Diego Teen Treatment
  6. Hartford Teen Treatment
  7. Honolulu Teen Treatment
  8. Los Angeles Teen Treatment
  9. Baltimore Teen Treatment
  10. Santa Cruz Teen Treatment
  11. Naples Teen Treatment
  12. Boston Teen Treatment
  13. Bridgeport Teen Treatment
  14. Napa Teen Treatment
  15. Boulder Teen Treatment
  16. New York City Teen Treatment
  17. Oxnard Teen Treatment
  18. San Francisco Teen Treatment
  19. San Jose Teen Treatment
  20. Stamford Teen Treatment
  21. Trenton Teen Treatment
  22. Washington D.C. Teen Treatment
  23. Fairbanks Ranch Teen Treatment
  24. Hidden Hills Teen Treatment
  25. Rolling Hills Teen Treatment
  26. Westover Hills Teen Treatment
  27. Atherton Teen Treatment
  28. Brookville Teen Treatment
  29. Chevy Chase Village Teen Treatment
  30. Diablo Teen Treatment
  31. Fisher Island Teen Treatment
  32. Golf Teen Treatment
  33. Hewlett Bay Park Teen Treatment
  34. Hillsborough Teen Treatment
  35. Hunting Valley Teen Treatment
  36. Huntleigh Teen Treatment
  37. Jupiter Island Teen Treatment
  38. Kenilworth Teen Treatment
  39. Laurel Hollow Teen Treatment
  40. Oyster Bay Cove Teen Treatment
  41. Rancho Santa Fe Teen Treatment
  42. Sands Point Teen Treatment
  43. Bloomfield Teen Treatment
  44. Bunker Hill Teen Treatment
  45. Chenequa Teen Treatment
  46. Cherry Hills Teen Treatment
  47. Glencoe Teen Treatment
  48. Hewlett Neck Teen Treatment
  49. Hunters Creek Teen Treatment
  50. Hunts Point Teen Treatment
  51. Los Altos Teen Treatment
  52. Mission Hills Teen Treatment
  53. Muttontown Teen Treatment
  54. Newport Coast Teen Treatment
  55. Old Field Teen Treatment
  56. Piney Point Teen Treatment
  57. Plandome Manor Teen Treatment
  58. Plandome Teen Treatment
  59. Scarsdale Teen Treatment
  60. South Barrington Teen Treatment
  61. Williams Creek Teen Treatment
  62. Winnetka Teen Treatment
  63. Woodburgh Teen Treatment
  64. Woodside Teen Treatment
  65. Barton Creek Teen Treatment
  66. Bentleyville Teen Treatment
  67. Chappaqua Teen Treatment
  68. Chevy Chase Teen Treatment
  69. Cove Neck Teen Treatment
  70. Glenview Teen Treatment
  71. Great Falls Teen Treatment
  72. Hewlett Harbor Teen Treatment
  73. Indian Hill Teen Treatment
  74. Lloyd Harbor Teen Treatment
  75. New Castle Teen Treatment
  76. Old Westbury Teen Treatment
  77. Portola Valley Teen Treatment
  78. River Hills Teen Treatment
  79. Riverwoods Teen Treatment
  80. Roslyn Teen Treatment
  81. Saddle Rock Teen Treatment
  82. Travilah  Teen Treatment
  83. Wetherington Teen Treatment
  84. Bannockburn Teen Treatment
  85. Blackhawk-Camino-Tassajara Teen Treatment
  86. Chevy Chase Section Five Teen Treatment
  87. Chevy Chase Section Three Teen Treatment
  88. Clarkson Valley Teen Treatment
  89. Deer Park Teen Treatment
  90. East Hills Teen Treatment
  91. Harbor Hills Teen Treatment
  92. Highland Park Teen Treatment
  93. Huntington Bay Teen Treatment
  94. Kings Point Teen Treatment
  95. Minnetonka Beach Teen Treatment
  96. Monte Sereno Teen Treatment
  97. Paradise Valley Teen Treatment
  98. Pound Ridge Teen Treatment
  99. Rockleigh Teen Treatment
  100. Weston Teen Treatment
  101. Woodland Teen Treatment
  102. Barton Hills Teen Treatment
  103. Darien Teen Treatment
  104. Essex Fells Teen Treatment
  105. Fox Chapel Teen Treatment
  106. Gulf Stream Teen Treatment
  107. Long Grove Teen Treatment
  108. Munsey Park Teen Treatment
  109. North Hills Teen Treatment
  110. North Oaks Teen Treatment
  111. Sunfish Lake Teen Treatment
  112. West Santa Clara Teen Treatment
  113. Weston Teen Treatment
  114. Anaheim Teen Treatment
  115. Barrington Hills Teen Treatment
  116. Belle Meade Teen Treatment
  117. Bronxville Teen Treatment
  118. Dover Teen Treatment
  119. Great Neck Estates Teen Treatment
  120. Long Beach Teen Treatment
  121. New Canaan Teen Treatment
  122. North Barrington Teen Treatment
  123. Oakland Teen Treatment
  124. Sacramento Teen Treatment
  125. Santa Ana Teen Treatment
  126. Somerset Teen Treatment

Outreach Countries

  1. United Kingdom Teen Treatment
  2. Great Britain Teen Treatment
  3. Australia Teen Treatment
  4. Brunei Teen Treatment
  5. Hong Kong Teen Treatment
  6. Ireland Teen Treatment
  7. Israel Teen Treatment
  8. Luxembourg Teen Treatment
  9. Norway Teen Treatment
  10. Qatar Teen Treatment
  11. Scotland Teen Treatment
  12. Singapore Teen Treatment
  13. Switzerland Teen Treatment
  14. The Netherlands Teen Treatment
  15. Wales Teen Treatment
  16. China Teen Treatment
  17. Canada Teen Treatment
  18. New Zealand Teen Treatment
  19. Turkey Teen Treatment
  20. Mexico Teen Treatment

Outreach International Cities

Europe Teen Treatment

United Kingdom

Australia/New Zealand



Middle East

North America