A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Kyle DiFulvio earned his Master’s degree in Psychology at Antioch University, Santa Barbara and he is currently a doctoral trainee in Antioch’s Clinical Psychology Program. With over a decade of clinical experience working with a board range of populations and cultural backgrounds, Kyle is adept at conducting psychological assessments and diagnosis for teens experiencing addictions, personality disorders, psychopathology, eating disorders, and/or trauma. He enjoys facilitating therapeutic groups that allow teens an opportunity to explore self and identity, and he has a speciality in working with LGBTQIA youth. His approach can include animal therapy and other alternative approaches in the clinical care and healing of teens.

Kyle uses dynamic and analytic based theories while focusing upon family systems, behavioral modification, mindfulness, and self-narrative. He utilizes a variety of intervention styles and tailors treatments to meet the specific needs of each teen. Kyle strives to create a calm, empathetic, nonjudgmental space where youth feel respected and free to be themselves.

*Psych assistant supervised by Dr. Jeff Nalin

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