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Deadly Mixture of Drugs to Blame for Thousand Oaks Teen’s Death

Thousand Oaks Teen's Death | Paradigm Malibu

A deadly mixture of alcohol and prescription drugs is to blame for the death of sixteen year old Thousand Oaks High School sophmore Trevor “T.J” Cool.


After a long night of partying at a spring break party in Newbury Park, T.J. went into cardiac arrest and was found unresponsive the following morning. He was taken to Los Robles Hospital where he was revived three times and put on life-support but he never regained consciousness. The following drugs were found in T.J.’s system:

  • Oxycodone – a powerful pain killer
  • Xanan – an anti-anxiety medicine
  • Methadone – a drug typically used for heroin addiction treatment


T.J.’s father, A.J., also heard that T.J. was seen drinking “lean” which contains prescription-strength cough syrup and soda.


His parents are sharing T.J.’s story in hopes of saving another teen’s life. They hope that their son’s tragic death will serve as a reminder to his classmates and teens everywhere of the dangers of drugs. A.J. also hopes to raise awareness of the need to teach teens the signs of overdose so that they are able to get their friends medical attention if they find themselves in that position.


While in the hospital, T.J. was visited by 150 to 200 teenagers. At least two dozen of them told his father that T.J. was their best friend. He will forever be remembered as the friendly guy at school who welcomed the new kids with a smiling face.


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