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Internet Addiction and Mental Health

Internet Addiction and Mental Health | Paradigm Malibu

The concept of having the world at your fingertips is now. The internet is pretty much a way of life now, so much so that it has begun to start affecting everyday life mentally. More and more, the youth of today are spending endless amounts of time consumed by the internet. Those of who spend excessive time on the internet are more prone to developing mental health problems such as ADHD, anxiety, inattention, depression, executive functioning issues, and impulsiveness. Internet addiction is changing our lives in a way that our mental health is starting to suffer and hurt us as a society.

Research shows that the people that spend excessive time on the internet exhibited higher rates of depression, anxiety, inattentiveness, and impulsiveness. The study also observed more difficulties with handling time management and planning daily routines. Life at home, at work, school and in social settings are also greatly effected too.

Social media is a huge catalyst to this problem too. The constant thought of putting your life out there for everyone to see is a very serious thing. But putting it all out there opens it up for other people to comment on and pick you apart. Bullying and trolling on the internet is something that has added to the problems with mental health. The internet has given a chance for everyone to have a voice, but that voice isn’t necessarily something you want to hear from.


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