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Gifted Teen Treatment Program – Academic Support at Paradigm Malibu

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One of the most important things we communicate to parents is that Mental Health issues don’t define your teen.  If an adolescent is struggling with Depression, Anxiety, or another Mental Health Issue, that doesn’t mean that they are now destined to limited lives, or that they will not ultimately meet their full potential. In fact there is ample evidence to suggest the opposite is true. Many people who are uniquely gifted face unique emotional and behavioral health challenges.


A very large number of the adolescents we see at Paradigm Malibu are extremely bright, highly intelligent young people. Our gifted teen treatment program works with teens who are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, or other Mood Disorders, that are in AP or Honors classes.  They are often times gifted artists, athletes or scholars.


There is a great deal of speculation as to a potential correlation between a high degree of intelligence, and/or talent and mental health challenges.  Some research suggests that there is a hard correlation, but opinions continue to vary. The real concern however shouldn’t be whether Mental Health Issues are a side effect of being a gifted or visa-versa.  Rather, it is important for young people to learn  how to best manage and leverage both gifts and challenges.


Quality treatment should be strength and interest based, providing gifted youth and their therapists with a uniquely powerful position from which to design and implement a meaningful, individualized treatment plan.


Gifted/Honors/AP Support

For teens that are in Honors or AP programs, we also provide the academic support necessary to assure that students continue to excel and grow their gifts.  We provide teachers,  tutors and mentors from a wide cross section of professions and learning institutions. Our tutors and teachers are sensitive to the treatment process and have unique expertise to insure that academic excellence is maintained.