A-Z Teen Health Glossary

With regard to teen depression treatment, there’re a lot of avenues that we can work with it. In addition to all the regular modalities of individual and group therapy, we find that the expressive arts therapies are very significant for people who don’t identify well their emotions, hold them in, or let them out in destructive ways. We work with art therapy and music therapy and drama therapy where we’re working out family issues. We’re working out internal struggles and negative self-views that they have. All of those things lead to teen depression but all of those non-verbal ways of communicating through art and music, drama really feed the talk therapy piece because they start to loosen up the ground and let some of those emotions that have been stuffed down start to come up. And so you’re allowing them to come up and then the talk therapy starts to be able to have something to grab onto and something to work with that’s very tangible.