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Paradigm Featured in Norwegian Documentary

Norwegian Documentary | Paradigm Malibu

Paradigm Malibu staff and clients were recently featured in a documentary on Norwegian television focusing on the treatments for abuse of social media, the internet, and cell phones.

The documentary explores questions such as: What is addiction? What emotions are triggered by social media? Why are youths especially vulnerable to social media abuse, and how can they use technology in a more healthy and sustainable way?

As in the United States, these are issues that are now widely debated in Norway, which is identified in the documentary “as a very digital society.” According to the producers, many parents give cell phones to their children at the age of 8, and youths at age of 16 are now accusing their parents for a “lost childhood” due to a massive screen-exposure.

The project, “UNREST,” is a documentary series in five parts that addresses common concerns for the future, and give solutions on to how we best can create our future society. The episodes feature different themes, such as loneliness, welfare, unemployment, terror and war – and technology.

The episode that features Paradigm addresses issues concerning social media and technology, as many youths have concerns due to this topic. For instance, they report experiences of stress, pressure and addiction linked to their use of social media and cell phones and technology. This topic is addressed from several angles to create broader insight, and prompt dialogue about the thought-provoking question: How does it affect us and our social relations and expectations, and to which extent will it form and create our future?

The youths at Paradigm who were interviewed are involved in Paradigm’s Social Media/Cell Phone Addiction Treatment Program. The film crew consisted of presenter Leo Ajkic, a Bosnian who came to Norway as a refugee at the age of 10, now a highly appreciated and popular television personality in Norway, especially amongst the youths.

The series is currently being screened on NRK1, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s main television channel and the biggest television channel in Norway.

2 responses to “Paradigm Featured in Norwegian Documentary

  1. I found the link! https://tv.nrk.no/serie/uro/sesong/1/episode/3/avspiller
    The paradigm parts are from around 24:20 to 30:20. There is some Norwegian mixed in between the interviews with the teens in the program and Dr. Nalin. Great job! One thing I had a question about is the last teen interviewed with the white “Hilfger” shirt. He seems to say at the end that he is going to “be on this all the time” while looking at his phone (at 29:35-29:36). The subtitles translate into English as “I’m going to use the phone all the time”. It makes me wonder at what stage in the treatment process this teen is. Hopefully they are not ending their treatment and saying they will return to it all the time. A great video though!

    Great job! Thanks!

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