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Extroverted Teen Treatment

Extroverted Teen Treatment | Paradigm Malibu

At Paradigm Malibu, we’re very dedicated to providing treatment plans that are as unique as the teens we’re working with.  What we’ve found through so many years of working with young people is that a one-size-fits-all approach not only doesn’t work, but can actually be quite harmful to teens.  Whereas one teenager might thrive in a context where he or she is allowed to speak in front of a group and feel heard by his or her peers, another teen might view the same experience as hurtful and embarrassing.  Because our experience reveals that teens do best when they’re acknowledged, respected, and treated as individuals, this is how we design and carry out every aspect of our treatment.  At Paradigm, teens are not just dealt with as symptoms of an illness; they are appreciated as individuals.


At Paradigm, one of the personality traits that we pay special attention to is teens’ tendency toward being extroverted.  What we’ve found is that when certain extroverted qualities can be embraced and supported during extroverted teen treatment, teens will become more interested and willing to engage in their recovery process.  One of the primary ways we support extroverted teens is by respecting extroverted teens’ independence and ability to make their own decisions.  We don’t want teens to feel that they’re being forced to participate in treatment, but that they’re responsible for making positive decisions in line with their own recovery.  We also strive to give extroverted teens opportunities to participate and shine in front of their peers, as well as to process things out-loud with others.  We find that by supporting and encouraging the strengths teens already have, they can begin to see treatment as a positive recovery of their best attributes, rather than a form of punishment of their weaknesses.


One of the pillars of our extroverted teen treatment at Paradigm Malibu is the mix we provide between individual and group therapy time.  We find that providing teens with such an array of therapeutic options and approaches, it’s easier for teens to discover what works best for them, and then we can build upon that.  During our daily group sessions, especially some of our Expressive Arts therapy programs, extroverted teens have opportunity to express themselves with others in creative, fresh ways.  Often we find that this variety works as a positive fuel to forward teens’ active participation in treatment.


One of the things we value most at Paradigm Malibu is getting to know and appreciate teens’ different personalities, experiences, and strengths.  This is the prominent reason why we continue to run a treatment facility with the highest staff-to-teen ratio of any in the country so that we can ensure that teens have the most attentive, precise, and thorough treatment experience possible.  Quite simply, we’re not just in the business of treating symptoms; we’re trying to provide teens with the support, assistance, and resources they need in order to grow into the fullest and truest versions of themselves.