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Employee of the Month Chance Bryant

Chance Bryant | Paradigm Malibu

Dependable. Competent. A good decision maker.

These are three qualities Deputy Program Director and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Tracy Bangar uses to describe Chance Bryant.  Although he is still a psychology student at Arizona State University, Chance has a bright career as a mental health professional ahead of him. During his five-month tenure as a Clinical Assistant at Paradigm Malibu, Chance has already earned a well-respected place on the Paradigm staff.

Chance possesses an innate empathy that allows him to optimally interact with clients.  This quality also provides him with the ability to recognize when a client is not responding well to a treatment plan or is in need of additional attention on any given day.  Because of Chance’s natural talents as a budding therapist, he can be trusted to interact with clients in a therapeutic setting.  Tracy is impressed with Chance’s talent and states, “Chance has the ability to read the needs of any client group that he is assigned to.  While he is not currently a therapist, his natural ability to provide support means he instinctively knows when to approach a licensed therapist when a client has an issue.”

Chance’s exemplary professional performance extends beyond his ability to relate to Paradigm’s clients.  He is also a trustworthy team member who prioritizes the needs of Paradigm’s clients and his co-workers before his own. Tracy praises Chance’s work ethic and knows that she can trust him to not only monitor activities and group sessions in an engaged and appropriate manner, but also to complete administrative tasks with an outstanding attention to detail. “Chance is always willing to assume responsibility when there is any type of void in scheduling or tasks. He completes his work in a timely manner and always exceeds expectations.   He is an asset to the entire treatment team and Chance makes Paradigm brighter in every way.”

The entire Paradigm staff congratulates Chance on his outstanding work performance and looks forward to growing with Chance as he moves toward his educational goal of becoming a therapist.

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