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Employee of the Month: Champagne Valencia

Champagne Valencia: Employee of the Month - Paradigm Malibu

Being a nurse can be a challenging and difficult job. Tasks change from day to day, priorities shift at a moment’s notice and people can be resistant to receiving the healing care they need. But if you were to observe Champagne Valencia performing her occupational duties on any given day, you would say that nursing looks easy. 

As Paradigm’s Lead Nurse, Champagne consistently exceeds all expectations required by her profession, the Paradigm staff and its teen residents. She is reliable and can be trusted with any task, intuitively putting the needs of our adolescent clients over those of her own. Champagne is diligent in ensuring that everyone is safe from harm and understands the value in balancing flexibility with consistency.  As a teacher, she meticulously educates the staff on Paradigm’s medical protocols relevant to nursing care. But beyond these exemplary acts, Champagne always makes time to lend her support to her coworkers whenever necessary.  

As a mother of three, Champagne knows how to communicate with Paradigm’s teens in the same protective and caring manner that she uses with her own children. She always speaks words of encouragement and motivates the teens to remain focused and strong when their recovery work gets tough. She sets a standard for excellence that is infectious among the teens and staff alike.

Medical Director Chelsea Neumann, M.D. relies on Champagne’s excellent nursing skills daily.  When asked to detail how important Champagne is to Paradigm, Dr. Neumann states, “As lead nurse at Paradigm Malibu, Champagne has developed and implemented medical safety and treatment protocols, provides compassionate and thorough care to her clients, and is an integral member of the treatment team. She is reliable, detail-oriented, thoughtful, and committed to her work.  As a colleague, she goes out of her way to support the clinical staff while maintaining professionalism and compassion for those around her. She is a joy to work with, and is always willing to take on challenges, which she manages effectively. Champagne Valencia exemplifies the values upheld by Paradigm Malibu in providing holistic and patient-centered care to the families and youth she serves.”

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