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Ed Sheeran on the Taboo Topic: Men’s Body Image

Body image issues are generally talked about regarding females, especially teenage girls. Magazine covers, celebrities and the media have massive influence over the feelings and confidence of teen girls. However, while generally taboo, Ed Sheeran brings up men’s body image issues. It is known that many men suffer from the same issues as women, but end up suffering in silence and not bringing up the issues they face.

The idea that a man needs to be strong, tough, masculine and devoid of emotions means there are too many males who suffer behind closed doors, and don’t have the role models and mentors that women have to be able to empathize with them.

Ed Sheeran has opened up about his struggles with body image and “his struggle with his physical appearance,” with many people at the public forum thinking he was joking “because we are just not used to seeing men speak so candidly in a public forum.” Hopefully this honest confession with open the discussion about male eating disorders, body image issues and depression.


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