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Paradigm Sponsors Dr. Louise Stanger at Recovery Plus Conference

Dr. Louise Stanger Recovery Plus Conference | Paradigm Malibu

Paradigm is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring Dr. Louise Stanger at the 2018 Recovery Plus Conference, which is being held in London on World Drug Day this June. Recovery Plus is Europe’s leading conference on addiction recovery. The conference is geared care providers who work with those struggling with addiction.


The Recovery Plus Conference is one part of a greater effort by DB Recovery Resources, to provide information and awareness on addiction in the UK and worldwide. DB Recovery Resources, headed by Deirdre Boyd, also runs a growing print journal in the UK in cooperation with entrepreneur George Powell. The journal – Recovery Plus – prints over 6,000 copies per issue and is disseminated online through various mediums to an audience of about 2 million.


DB Recovery Resources concentrates its efforts on spreading accurate cutting-edge information, providing a forum for professionals and patients, helping rehab clinics put themselves on the map, and offering experts and addiction patients alike the research and data they need to better understand the disease from a clinical and societal point of view.


The Recovery Plus Conference is in its 6th year, inviting people from all walks of life who have had their lives touched by addiction to join in for two days, before and on World Drug Day, for 25th and 26th of June. The conference is slated to present 28 expert presentations, tackling a variety of recovery and addiction-related topics, including recent research and advances in neuroscience, special issues, and treatment tips for LGBTQ, gender differences in recovery and addiction, family-focused therapy and recovery, intervention tips for loved ones and coworkers alike, and much more. People in recovery, sponsors and professionals are encouraged to sign up for the event. Among several expert speakers will be Dr. Stanger, who has partnered with Paradigm to speak on the topics of family interventions, ethics, and more.


Dr. Stanger has been practicing as a licensed clinical social worker for over 35 years. She also is a Certified Daring way-Rising Strong Facilitator, Certified Intervention Professional and holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership. Her specialty is helping families with loved ones who are struggling with substance abuse, mental health issues, chronic pain, and other conditions. Dr. Stanger has performed thousands of family interventions, not only in the United States but also abroad. One of Dr. Stanger’s passions is family mapping, which is a structure that allows a therapist and a patient to delve into how issues in one’s family of origin can affect the individual and what he or she brings into a new family.


She’s also received many awards and accolades. She was proclaimed the “Fan Favorite Speaker” at Foundations Recovery Network’s Moments of Change Conference. The San Diego Business Journal has named Dr. Stanger as one of the top 10 interventionists in the country. Dr. Stanger has earned a Women Who Mean Business Award by the San Diego Journal, among many others.


As a published author, some of her works have been featured in the Huffington Post, Recovery Campus, Recovery View, Sober World, Sober Way, Thrive Global, and the Journal of Alcohol Studies. She writes on topics such as mental health, parenting adolescents, drug abuse, and more. She has also written two books, Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal and Learn to Thrive – An Intervention Guidebook and is in the process of writing a textbook, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions-Collective Strategies with Rutledge Press.


Dr. Stanger says about her relationship with Paradigm: “I had the privilege as a professor and trainer to meet Paradigm over a year ago when they invited me to come and train their staff on assisting clients and family. I found them energetic, enthusiastic, and cutting edge in their space. I am honored and energized to be a strategic partner with Paradigm as they help adolescents and their families with behavioral health care concerns.”


Paradigm is excited to have Dr. Stanger represent us at the Recovery Plus Conference this year and we expect that her presentation will help clinicians assist more people by changing the way they evaluate and frame issues stemming from the family origin. As she puts it, “nothing changes until something changes.”

Paradigm Malibu is an adolescent mental health and drug treatment center dedicated to identifying, understanding and properly treating the core issues that impact teens and their families.

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