A-Z Teen Health Glossary

How Physical Environment Affects Your Teen’s Mental Health

Mental health isn’t something that happens entirely inside a person’s head. Yes, mental health problems often involve brain processes and brain chemistry, but other factors matter as well, including the physical environment a person lives in. The physical environment can trigger dormant mental health problems or exacerbate existing mental health problems. This may be especially…

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Drug-Impaired Driving: Marijuana and Opioids Are on the Rise

Drug-Impaired Driving: The Effects of Marijuana and Opioids

A report from the Governors Highway Safety Association found that in 2016, more than 40% of drivers who were fatally injured in car accidents tested positive for drug-impaired driving. Close to 40% of those drivers tested positive for marijuana, and another 16% tested positive for opioids. 4% tested positive for a combination of marijuana and…

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The Mindful Parent: 5 Ways To Practice Mindfulness

5 Ways to Be a Mindful Parent

As a mindful parent, there are many things that you want to give your teen. You want to give them safety and security, food and shelter, a good education, a good start in life. You want to give them everything that they need and at least some of the things that they want. And you…

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