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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 8

Issue 8 Nationally Renowned Expert David Kessler Provides Grief Training to Paradigm Therapists David Kessler, one of the world’s foremost experts on grief, recently presented a training for Paradigm Malibu therapists on grief and loss. Grief and loss can be overwhelming for adolescents and, with many of the teens that we treat at Paradigm, can…

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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 6.1

Issue 6.1   Paradigm weighs in on fight for equality and access to care for the LGBTQ community     In a misguided and unethical step to foster discrimination against the LGBTQ community, the Tennessee General Assembly has presented mbill to allow therapists and counselors to reject care for patients that would violate “(therapist) principles” which, as of…

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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 5.1

Issue 5.1   Actor Dylan McDermott Shines in Paradigm’s Speaker Series   Dylan McDermott is the most recent public figure to participate in Paradigm’s speaker series. An accomplished and highly respected actor, McDermott’s major roles range from the 1989 classic Steel Magnolias to the lead role in 1987’s The Practice, for which he received both a Golden Globe and an Emmy.…

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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 4.1

Issue 4.1   Paradigm Malibu’s Growth Continues     (Pictured left to right, Dustin Wagner, MA, Director of the Cliffside program, Erin Riley, MA, Therapist, Jay Harris, MA, Deputy Director of the Cliffside program and Dr. Jeff Nalin, Co-Founder and Executive Director)   Paradigm recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for it’s newest adolescent treatment…

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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 3.1

Issue 3.1 Wellness plan featured in People Magazine   Jennifer Cassetta, Paradigm’s Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor is the subject of a recent “People Magazine” Interview. In the article, Jennifer says that the World Trade Center terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, which she witnessed first-hand, was a life-changing event that compelled her to direct…

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Paradigm Malibu Newsletter – Issue 2.1

Issue 2.1 Dear Alumni, Friends and Colleagues, As we begin 2016, we are very pleased to feature some exciting outcome research provided by researchers at Pepperdine University. In addition, we are also delighted to announce two new associations; National Hockey League player Brian McGrattan has joined our Young Athletes Advisory Board and Jim Holsomback has stepped into the role of Director of…

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