A-Z Teen Health Glossary

National Mental Health Awareness Month

May 2014 is declared National Mental Health Awareness Month! By educating about and bringing public attention to mental health, we can reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses. Spread the word about mental health, seeking treatment, and supporting those who are living with mental illnesses. Thanks, President Obama, for addressing such an important issue!  …

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Benefits of Therapeutic Writing

Paradigm Malibu’s Cynthia Bond speaks about her opportunity to work with teens, helping them express themselves and tell their stories through the art of therapeutic writing. She highlights the positive effect  engaging in multiple, diverse therapies has on teens struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues.  These therapies work in conjunction with one…

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The Female Teen Athlete Triad Syndrome – Part Two-Paradigm Malibu

The Female Teen Athlete Triad Syndrome – Part Two

The Female Athlete Triad, is a psycho-physiological disorder and the focus for this two part series. The first article reviewed the fundamentals of this illness, while this second article will get into the details of the disorder as well as examine why some professionals believe it is a myth. Teen Athlete Triad Syndrome First, it…

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Teen Eating Disorders: Disturbances in Body Image and Appetite-Paradigm Malibu

Teen Eating Disorders: Disturbances in Body Image and Appetite

We all have a certain preoccupation with how we look, and that, in turn, might influence our appetite. We want to stay under 150 pounds, for instance, and so we don’t eat the chocolate cake for dessert or the extra pancake. However, when those preoccupations become obsessions, they might point to a disturbance of mind.…

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