A-Z Teen Health Glossary

Parents: Encourage Your Teens To Stay Away from Alcohol

Underage drinking is a significant health concern for teens, and this is particularly true because of their underdeveloped brains. The brains of adolescents are still growing and changing. The regular presence of alcohol in the bloodstream would affect anyone. However, because of their continued growth during adolescence, teens are at a higher risk for health…

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At Risk Youth, Mental Illness, and Addiction

The term at-risk youth is used frequently, but what does it mean exactly? Those in the mental health field tend to use the phrase freely but it’s worth explaining more clearly what the term means.   In general, at-risk youth are those children who have had distressing childhoods and by virtue of their circumstances are…

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Differences in the Brain Can Contribute to Teen Alcohol Abuse

A collection of four studies performed on teenage brains indicates that there might be differences in the brain among teens that could point to whether an adolescent might later abuse alcohol.   The four studies indicated that teens who have reduced neural connections might be more at risk for alcohol abuse. Another study indicated that…

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14 Holistic Paths To Healing All Teens Should Know About – Part One

When you’re not feeling well physically, emotionally, or psychologically, it’s common to think of traditional forms of healing, such as going to a doctor, looking up information on the Internet, and talking to friends and family. However, there are many alternative forms of healing as well that are slowly gaining acceptance.   Alternative forms of…

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The Reduction of Harm Model for Teens with Addiction

Most people have heard of the 12-step model for treating addiction, developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, there are other models that parents, caregivers, and teens may want to know about.   Although the 12-step method has been incredibly successful and has supported millions of people around the world with achieving sobriety, there are some…

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