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Reasons Why Teen Addiction Treatment Should be Specialized

When the field of alcohol and drug addiction treatment was in its infancy, there was little to no differentiation between types of treatment for different people. For instance, men and women were provided the same addiction treatment just like adults and teens were provided the same addiction treatment.   However, it’s clear today that there…

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Why It's Healthy to Let Your Addicted Adolescent Fail - Part One | Paradigm Malibu

Why It’s Healthy to Let Your Addicted Adolescent Fail – Part One

When teens have developed an addiction, the parent-child relationship can become tricky. It’s easy to get into a codependent relationship in which one or both parents are enabling a teen. The enabling and the unhealthy parent-child relationship can in fact facilitate the addiction. This two-part article addresses what parents can do to help break the…

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The Good News Is Teen Substance Use Declined in 2014

It’s common to believe that teens are going to use drugs and drink because that’s what they do when they’re adolescents. It’s a time of drug experimentation, wild parties, and doing things you might not otherwise do when you’re older.   However, research indicates that drug use among teens went down in 2014. Each year,…

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