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Teen Opioid Use | Paradigm Malibu

Teen Opioid Use Has Finally Begun to Decline

Anyone who is familiar with opioids knows that the country is still suffering from a widespread number of overdoses from prescription pain medication and its close cousin, heroin. Teens and young adults, especially in New England and the Midwest parts of the country, have been particularly hit hard by opioid addictions. However, two recent studies…

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Huffing | Paradigm Malibu

Why is Huffing Addictive and Lethal?

When you think about keeping your teen from drugs, your immediate thoughts might settle on marijuana, alcohol, party drugs, painkillers, and maybe harder drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. Many parents forget about substances that are much easier and cheaper for kids to get a hold of: glue, paint, nail polish remover, aerosol sprays, and other…

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Proposition 57 | Paradigm Mailbu

Proposition 57: Rehabilitating Teens VS Incarcerating Them

What is Proposition 57? On the ballot for this year’s election is Proposition 57 which would potentially change the way California responds to crimes committed by adults and youths. Proposition 57 would allow for more rehabilitation which in turn could reduce the number of people who are in prison. Proposition 57 would also require that youths…

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