A-Z Teen Health Glossary
Teen School Refusal | Paradigm Malibu

What To Do About Teen Anxiety and School Refusal

Many teens experience anxiety about attending school. They may have anxious thoughts and feelings about school for a variety of reasons, including social and academic ones. When anxiety becomes more and more pronounced, some teens may begin to refuse to go to school. School refusal can easily result when teens are feeling overwhelmed or intimidated…

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Relaxation Techniques | Paradigm Malibu

10 Relaxation Techniques and Mindfulness Resources for Teens

If your teen is struggling with a mental illness, especially anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or addiction, providing them with relaxation techniques will be essential in their recovery. And even if a teen is not struggling with any kind of mental illness, relaxation techniques can help them function better in school, maintain positive relationships, resist peer pressure, and more.…

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Adolescent Stress | Paradigm Malibu

Adolescent Stress: How Much is Too Much?

Stress: Everyone has it. This includes you, your boss, your partner, and even your kids. While stress is not, in itself, necessarily a bad thing, having too much stress can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, and angry. It can also cause someone to develop depression and anxiety in some cases. Adolescents today…

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OCD | Paradigm Malibu

7 Things You Should Know About OCD

  What do you picture when you read the words “obsessive-compulsive disorder”? The first image that may come to mind might be someone washing their hands over and over again until they’re raw. While this can absolutely be a manifestation of obsessive-compulsive disorder, also called OCD, it’s not the only way that the condition can…

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