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Youth Treatment Center- Paradigm Malibu

What You Should Know About Sending Your Teen To A Youth Treatment Center

  The decision to send your teen to a youth treatment center has probably caused you to feel a mixture of emotions. Such as worry and relief.  This is not uncommon given that many parents find themselves torn between enabling their youngsters and understanding the immediate need for professional help.  Fortunately, the treatment process is…

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What to Expect at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers - Paradigm Malibu

What to Expect at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Several types of substance abuse treatment centers are available to addicts, based on the nature and magnitude of the addiction.  Whatever the case, detoxification is the first phase of breaking the stranglehold of harmful substances.  However, by itself, detoxification has very little effect on long-term substance abuse. Substance abuse detoxification incorporates clustered interventions used to…

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