A-Z Teen Health Glossary
Why Medication Alone Doesn’t Work-Paradigm Malibu

Teens Who Suffer from Trichotillomania: FAQ’s

Teen trichotillomania (pronounced trick-o-til-MAY-nee-ah) is not a well-known mental illness. However, if you suffer from it, it’s no doubt a major concern in your life. Especially if you’re a teenager, a time when looks and expressing your individuality is at its highest importance! The following is a list of questions and answers that can provide…

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For PTSD Teens: Learning Emotional Awareness – Part Two-Paradigm Malibu

Forms of Psychological Stress that are Typical for Teens – Part Two

This article is the second of a two-part series reviewing various forms of psychological stress and how to cope with them. The first article outlined different forms of stress experienced psychologically. While they are those that any individual might experience regardless of age, teenagers might be more prone to the challenges that stress brings. This article will…

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Teens: Change Those Unhealthy Patterns with Neuroplasticity-Paradigm Malibu

Teens: Change Those Unhealthy Patterns with Neuroplasticity

In his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge includes a metaphor originally created by neuroscientist, Alvaro Pascual-Leone. The brain could be compared to a snowy hill in winter. When we go down the hill on a sled, we can be flexible because we have the option of taking different paths through the soft…

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Teen Borderline Personality Disorder: Signs to Look For-Paradigm Malibu

Teen Borderline Personality Disorder: Signs to Look For

Sarah has a reputation among her friends as being very impulsive. Her emotions are erratic and she can get easy to anger. She tends to flirt with the males in her class, often exhibiting promiscuity. She tends to believe that that having sex with men is the only way that she finds her sense of…

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The Brain’s Role in Teen Mental Health Treatment-Paradigm Malibu

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – A Great Resource for Your Teen

CBT is short for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s a form of therapy that many psychologists and therapists are familiar with and use in individual therapy. In a professional therapeutic environment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be an essential ingredient in the healthy life of your teen. It can  facilitate mental well-being, reducing anxiety, minimizing risky behavior,…

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Teen Club Drugs and Addiction- Paradigm Malibu

Teen Club Drugs and Addiction

It’s a common scene in adolescence. Drugs are sold or passed around at private parties, dance clubs, concerts, and bars. Sure, there’s alcohol too. But teen club drugs,have far more severe effects than getting drunk. These include LSD (also known as acid), Methamphetamine (meth), MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, and Ketamine. Club Drugs If your child is…

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Teen Depression and School Performance- Paradigm Malibu

Teen Depression and School Performance

There’s a clear relationship between adolescent depression and how well a teen does in school. In fact, lower grades might be the first noticeable sign of depression. Research indicates that adolescents who suffer from depression are less likely to graduate (click to tweet). Unfortunately, it’s easy for parents and other family members to miss signs…

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Psychological Assessments: First Step For Teen Mental Health Treatment-Paradigm Malibu

Psychological Assessments: First Step For Teen Mental Health Treatment

Taking your child to see a mental health professional for psychological assessments could lead to a big sigh of relief. If, for example, your teenager possesses symptoms of a mental illness and a diagnosis is formulated, at least you have information to take the appropriate steps forward, such as finding the right teen mental health…

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