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Alumni Spotlight – Braden Spurlock

Braden Spurlock | Paradigm Malibu

Braden Spurlock was a freshman in high school when his father passed away.  His father’s death catalyzed him to engage in self-destructive behavior. Braden was lost and his future seemed bleak until he began a 65-day residency at Paradigm.

The treatment Braden received was driven by his connections to his therapeutic team.  His therapy provided strong male role models Braden identified with and who helped him to transition into a peaceful emotional place.  This peace allowed him to begin the healing process over the loss of his father.  Braden’s perspective on the mistakes he was making in his life changed when he dialogued with other men.  Paradigm’s treatment filled the void he was experiencing and replaced it with positive ways to address stress, anxiety and loss.

As an athlete, Braden also appreciated the camaraderie of having other athletes to play sports with.  Braden’s therapeutic course provided opportunities for him to play basketball and run-two activities that he particularly enjoys.  He feels that the juxtaposition of traditional and non-traditional therapeutic approaches that successfully lead him to moments of great self-awareness.

Now, Braden is a healthy and happy 18-year-old high school graduate. He will transfer to Southern Virginia University in the fall to study economics. Braden is planning to use his economic degree as a springboard into the political arena.  He believes that politics is the perfect platform to inspire people and to make the world a better place.

In the end, Braden considers his time with Paradigm to be a very positive experience. He says he’s learned from the situation, and was inspired to leave the past where it belonged … in the past. Braden now looks forward to living his life fully and without regret, and he’s using his newfound positivity to help others. Many friends, he comments, have come to him with their own problems following his time at Paradigm, and he’s consistently willing to lend an ear and a hand to help them employ healthy coping mechanism to whatever stressful situations they are experiencing.

Paradigm’s staff wishes Braden the best of luck as he moves forward into the next chapter of his life and hope he’ll continue to keep us updated on his many goals and accomplishments.

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