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Alumni of the Month: Morgan Ash

Morgan Ash | Paradigm Malibu

Morgan Ash was an active and motivated teenager when she began high school.  She had friends, dreams for her future and a love of softball.  She hoped to play her favorite sport in college and was working toward attaining this goal.  But over time her world went dark and Morgan lost her will to live.

After a serious attempt at taking her own life, Morgan entered Paradigm Malibu.  Her early days were notable for her lack of will to continue living and the idea that she would not be capable of conquering the hopelessness that plagued her thoughts.  However soon after she began treatment with Sean Dwyer, Paradigm’s Lead Clinical Assistant, Morgan began to feel hopeful, and slowly her thoughts shifted towards recovery.

Sean became impressed with her daily progress as Morgan began to trust the therapeutic process as she healed.  “Morgan worked hard to access her feelings.  She made decisions daily to fight for herself and for a future full of meaning and connection.  Her ability to feel pain but also to show care and love was inspiring,” Sean said.  Morgan’s quiet strength, vulnerability and determination are the qualities that Sean believes catalyzed her recovery process.

Morgan currently plays Division 1 softball at the University of Connecticut-her dream college.  Morgan is mindful that her continued overall life success is contingent upon her ability to utilize the communication skills she learned during her stay at Paradigm.  “Paradigm saved my life.  The staff went above and beyond and made me realize that what I was feeling was valid.  To this day, I am able to reach out to the Paradigm staff when I need advice or if I just want to talk to someone.  I am forever grateful for my experience and for all of the amazing people I met.  Paradigm has had an unbelievable impact on my life.”

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