A-Z Teen Health Glossary
Adolescent Treatment Program | Paradigm Malibu

Our Adolescent Treatment Program Components

Emotional Health

Adolescence is a period of enormous emotional growth and change for a young person.  These changes, although normal, can also trigger the emergence of complicated emotional conflicts.  The Emotional Health component is designed to intervene and treat these underlying issues.

Physical Health

Physical and Emotional Health are inseparable, and as such, our adolescent treatment program addresses the myriad of physical consequences that may emerge as a result of any change process.

Social Health

Healthy peer interaction and becoming comfortable with oneself in social situations are important milestones in an adolescent’s development.  PARADIGM creates a real world treatment setting, wherein teens can enhance their understanding of themselves, which leads to healthier interactions with others.

Family Health

Changes in one family member impacts ALL family members.  This is partially why adolescence is so difficult.  PARADIGM’s comprehensive Family Health component is designed to allow all family members to relearn how to communicate and work together in ways that promote openness and healing.


All residents of PARADIGM are provided with a comprehensive educational assessment within forty-eight hours of admission.

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