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Admissions Overview


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At Paradigm Malibu we take every measure to make the admission process as simple and stress free as possible. The process generally goes as follows;


Exploratory Phase

Parents, teens or other loved ones phone the program to discuss the needs of the adolescent considering treatment. The program is explained, questions are answered and it is determined if the program and youth might be a good fit.

If further exploration is warranted, families may choose to visit the program. Because families come to us from all over the county, and abroad, it is not always possible for families to visit in advance.  It is important to know however, that prospective families are always welcome to visit, see the program in person, meet members of the treatment team and ask any questions that may arise.  You can also find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our teen treatment program here.


Insurance Verification, Authorization and Financing

If families choose to provide us with their insurance information we are happy to verify their benefits. This allows families to have a better idea of what their final out of pocket expenses might be so that they may plan accordingly. Verification is only the first step. Once a family has decided to move forward with an admission, we must then seek Insurance authorization. This is the step where the insurance company agrees to pay for some or all of the proposed services to be provided. Once authorization details have been obtained, the details will be shared with the prospective family so that they may decide if they wish to move forward with enrollment. You can learn more about the insurance process here.


Also, some families may choose to finance their co-payments, or all of treatment if insurance benefits are not available. You can learn more about treatment financing options here.


Completion of Admissions Paperwork

To reserve a space in our teen treatment program, families must complete the admissions paperwork. This may be done via a traditional paper packet or an electronic application.  Most families report that the latter is significantly easier, despite their degree of computer competence.  Regardless, we are happy to provide both options to all families.


It is important to note that many of the forms included in our admission packet are required by the state of California and may not seem applicable. We simply ask that families do the best they can with these forms. We do not want paperwork to become another source of stress during what is already a challenging time. You will find the admissions forms here.


Admission Date is Chosen

Once a family has decided that Paradigm Malibu is the right fit and completed all admissions documents, an admission date can be selected. All admissions are done on a rolling basis and a first come, first serve basis. Wait times to access the program vary based on a complex variety of factors. Our admissions advisors will make every effort to work with your family to coordinate an admissions time and date that meets your needs.

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